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Sunshine Coast Flowers
Woods Goods Flower Farm

field-grown Sunshine Coast flowers from our farm to you

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Nestled in the heart of the Sunshine Coast, our locally owned flower farm is a place where nature's wonders come to life. Our farm benefits from the rich, fertile soil and ideal climate conditions for flower cultivation. Every bloom we grow is a testament to our passion for sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices. We believe in nurturing the land, respecting the environment, and delivering the freshest, most beautiful Sunshine Coast flowers possible.

At Woods Goods Flower Farm, we are passionate about bringing the beauty of nature right to your doorstep. We provide fresh flowers, flower arrangements and flower delivery to the Sunshine Coast community. Our flower farm is a haven for cultivating a wide variety of beautiful floral arrangements. Whether you're looking for a thoughtful gift, wedding bouquets, or just a little something to brighten up your space, our farm-to-vase flowers are the perfect choice.

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We are located in Ninderry and we believe we have the best Sunshine Coast flowers around. We only grow what is in season and does best in our climate and soils. We have a strong focus on growing perennials and some of our favorite annual varieties include anemones, ranunculi, poppies, kangaroo paw, stock, paper daisies, lupins, blushing bride, dahlias, chrysanthemum, larkspur, aster, sunflowers, zinnias, cosmos, roses, carnation, statice, veronica  and many other whimsical varieties. At the end of the season, we take stock of our dried flower and seed pods that we have collected throughout the season. They are on offer in late winter.

Our fresh market bouquets


We grow every single flower on our flower farm. That means our flowers are seasonal, local and long lasting. Flowers that are out of season and flown in from other countries  are often laden with chemicals and have a poor vase life. We believe in "field to vase" so you can always have the freshest flowers possible. We love native sunshine coast flowers and you will find an abundance of these on our farm.

Our flower field at sunset

Lovingly Grown

We are a family run farm, with a passion for sustainability, permaculture and community. The "farm" isn't the typical farm of rolling acres, but rather, we're a micro farm growing on 2 productive acres. We love to get our hands dirty and sweat on our brows.  We hand select each variety grown and source each seed, corm, bulb, tuber and cutting.  We source only the highest quality and focus on Australian grown and support other small scale farmers. We are committed to only using sustainable growing practices.  By that, we mean, we are committed to adding to the earth’s health, not depleting it.  Before our flowers become bouquets and centerpieces for you, they are food sources and homes to the bees and other beneficial insects.  This approach rewards us with blooms that are more fragrant, long lasting, and simply enchanting.

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